Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DRI Uses Technology to Improve Customer Service

Diamond Resorts International, one of the nation’s largest timeshare sellers by volume, is using a new software program to ensure their customers get improved, personalized service. It’s called Customer 360, and it basically notes customer tendencies and requests on a standard form and is accessible from any DRI resort in the world.

For example, a family from Arizona checked in at a DRI resort in Hawaii. Their son has autism, and didn’t wanted a room above the second floor but as far from an elevator as possible. DRI listed this information on the families’ Customer 360 profile, and ensured they would never have to make the special request again. The benefits even extend to front-desk greetings. If a guest is enjoying their first stay in Hawaii or their 10th, the clerk can see that and offer them an appropriate greeting.

The next area where customers will see improved service is while using DRI’s call center. There, workers can see tendencies of guests and offer them solutions on how to use their points better or plan vacations.
"Technology sometimes makes life more complicated, but we're trying to use it to make life simpler and more enjoyable," said company president David Palmer.

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