Tuesday, April 24, 2012

TSA Agent Returns Lost Envelope

Transfer Smart reports on a Transportation Security Administration officer who has been credited for returning an envelope with $9,500 to a passenger, Carlos Palma, who had allegedly lost the carry-on item. The envelope was dropped at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on April 11 at the security checkpoint. The passenger was unaware that he had dropped the envelope and continued on his flight to Iowa.

The TSA officer, Don Williams, commented, “I picked it up off the floor and palmed it in my hand so that no one could see it. At that point, I took it to a private screening area, where it was counted and saw it was 95 $100 bills.”

Williams made an announcement and asked passengers if anyone had lost anything. However, no one responded. When Palma reached Iowa he realized that he had dropped his money and called the airport to see if it was discovered. After confirmation, the money was returned to Palma and he stated that he was proud of the way the TSA handled the situation.

Williams stated that he lives by “always do[ing] the right thing, and that way you can live with yourself.”

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to Transfer a Timeshare

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Transfer Smart is your first choice to get out of a timeshare contract, contact us today. If you’d like to attempt to transfer your timeshare contract on your own, here’s how. Use helpful steps to transfer your timeshare out of your name and get back into financial freedom.

  1. Call the resort and ensure that you are paid up on all fees, and find out if there are any fees incurred while transferring your timeshare.
  2. Provide the buyer with the resort’s contact information, location and rules. 
  3. Write up a contract between you and the buyer. It should include the weeks that you are able to use, information on special assessment and maintenance fees, and the contact info of both you and the buyer.
  4. Get a new deed for the timeshare from the county clerk (or other applicable authority) where the timeshare is located. This information should be found on your deed.
  5. Fill out the deed and have both you and the buyer sign it in front of a notary public. Hire an attorney if you think you need further assistance with this document.
  6. Submit the (new) original deed to the county clerk’s office.
  7. Finally, submit a copy of the new deed to the resort or timeshare management company. Include a letter stating the transaction details, including your information and the information of the buyer. Depending on the resort, you may have to submit a transfer fee (see step one) along with the deed.

If you have any questions ask me here at the Transfer Smart Help Page or call us at 866-906-4494.